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Making Home Renovation Accessible To All


We started as we feel, understand and believe that Home Renovation should be accessible to all.

We understand that lump-sum construction costs are extremely off-putting and in most cases not financially achievable. Due to this we have come up with a 'Finance Only' Home Renovation Service, that allows anyone to have the home they have always wanted and deserve. We work soley on a finance basis that allows you to  renovate your home and pay in monthly instalments. We also help to get rid of the hassle of management and finding trustworthy tradesmen.


How it Works

Step 1

Once you have enquired we arrange a telephone consultation to discuss the nature of your project, answer any questions you may have and schedule a home visit.

Step 2

At the Home Visit we survey and assess the works to be carried out. We also then present a estimation for the works to be carried out and perform a soft credit check.

Step 3

We then present our official quotation. Once accepted we process the finance paperwork and find out if the application is successful within  24-hours 

Step 4

Once the funding has been approved works can commence! We also arrange site visits throughout the project to assure quality is met around every corner 

quality Finish

We Believe that whilst making Home-Renovation Accessible to All the Quality of the works is of equal importance. Our Renovation works are carried out to the Highest Standards Every time without Fail. We achieve this by only using the best tradesmen around and by implementing our own specialised quality control process from start to finish of every project without fail.


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